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Dar es Salaam, Tanzania  | +255 222 162 333
Dar es Salaam Botanical Garden
Dar es Salaam Botanical Garden
Samora Avenue, Kivukoni, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania Visit Website | Category: Attractions
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Established in 1893, during the German colonial period, this stunning garden is filled with an interesting combination of native and exotic plants including scarlet flame trees, purple bougainvillea, blue jacaranda, red hibiscus, and the rare coco-de-mer palm tree - a native of the Seychelles. Home to the Dar es Salaam Horticultural Society, the gardens offer visitors an opportunity to enjoy local flora in a quiet and serene setting.


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Horticultural Society exhibits


  • Gardens
  • Walking paths
  • Peacocks


  • What types of plants will I see?

    The garden is filled with East African plants like blue jacaranda, and red hibiscus, plus exoctic plants like coco-de-mer palm trees from the Seychelles.
  • Are there any unique plants to the area?

    Visitors will see fabulous examples of native and indigenous plants, including scarlet flame trees and purple bougainvillea.

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